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Job #1 : Nobody Gets Hurt!:

At CEI, our objective is to provide a clean, safe and healthy working environment for all involved. We believe all injuries can be prevented.

To achieve this vision, we have employed a comprehensive Injury and Illness Protection Program which has enabled us to reach several milestones including:

  • CEI EMR : 2015 (0.77), 2014 (0.78), 2013 (0.78), 2012 (0.77), 2011 (0.77)
  • 2014 Governor's Safety Award
  • NECA Zero Injury & Safety Excellence Awards
  • NMA 210,000 Manhour Zero Injury Award / Conoco Phillips Billings Refinery

"But we cannot rest on this success. Working safely is a condition of employment, and every employee has not just the right and authority to stop any task they believe to be unsafe, but the moral responsibility to do so"

- Michael Ruger, Safety Manager

Our Safety Committee serves in a proactive role to identify risks that may pose injury to personnel or damage to equipment. To minimize these risks, the committee continuously examines our operations and facilities. The management team responds to incidents, conducts audits, communicates and documents findings, and educates employees on safety practices and policies.

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Receiving the National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee's award for achieving 210,000 recordable incident free man-hours at the ConocoPhillips Billings Refinery.

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“The guiding principle at CEI is safety is a core value where the well being of each employee comes first. Personnel in the construction industry are often exposed to many hazards. At CEI, we believe the day-to-day management of our safety initiatives is a fundamental responsibility of each supervisor. However, as General Manager I carry the ultimate accountability for the safety of our workers and am personally committed to ensuring each employee is empowered with every tool possible to eliminate injuries and damage to our working environment.”

- Brent Burton, General Manager


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